Chinyere Inyama
Chinyere Inyama




Coroner for West London since 2013

Preceded by

Alison Thompson

Chinyere Inyama is the Coroner for West London. He broke the colour barrier on his appointment as the first-ever black coroner in British history.


Nigerian-born Mr. Inyama, a naturalized Briton, was appointed as a coroner in 2011, thus making him the first black coroner in the UK, and in 2013 he was made Senior Coroner for the area of West London.


In November of 2014, Mr. Inyama recently caused controversy regarding the Alice Gross murder case as he left a 30-page file containing sensitive police information on a train.

The following year, more controversy was courted as the West London Coroner's office spiralled into chaos, with court backlogs and delays in inquests causing distress for bereaved families.