Roger Atkinson


Roger Douglas Atkinson
Grimsby, Lincolnshire


Coroner for West Lincolnshire from 1994-2008

Preceded by


Succeeded by

Stuart Fisher

Roger Douglas Atkinson (born 1939) was Her Majesty's Coroner for West Lincolnshire (previously Lincoln and Gainsborough until 2002) from 1994 to 2008. He was a deputy from 1986.


Roger Atkinson was born in 1939 in Grimsby and moved to Lincoln in 1965, where he started his career as a solicitor with Andrew and Co.

After becoming deputy coroner in 1986, Mr Atkinson was appointed District Coroner in 1994, which originally covered the Lincoln and Gainsborough area.

His remit was extended in 2002 to incorporate Sleaford and Grantham and he then took on the title of HM Coroner for West Lincolnshire.

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